Saturday, August 9, 2014

Sydney Lights

I have to admit I'm not much of a Big City person. Nashville is about the perfect size for my taste, and I only love Chicago so much because I have such great memories walking around when I was younger. Sydney didn't exactly knock my socks off at first, when I got here it looked more like Seattle or London. My first night I went to bed at about 930 so I didn't really get a chance to explore, however last night I walked about 12km (roughly 8ish miles) all around the city, on a bum knee. I have to admit though it's not my favorite city in the day time, it is absolutely breath taking when they light it up like a Christmas Tree at night. I'm about to take a walk of my own to go see the Botanical Gardens and Kings Cross because last night those were about the only two things in the whole city we didn't see. 
If you are thinking about coming to Sydney or Australia in general there is one thing you need to prepare for. It's not a bad thing and I had heard about it before hand but I guess I just didn't really expect the sheer magnitude to be so high. Just based on walking around downtown Sydney last night and in the last few days I would say the rate of Asians to every other ethinicity is 2 to 1... at least. Now again this isn't a bad thing by any means it's just a little... weird I guess, wasn't what I was expecting. I mean there were times last night when besides me and my two roommates I didn't see a non-asian person for ten minutes. So if you've ever wanted to see what it's like to go to Asia without it being quite so packed, stop in Sydney and see how you feel. 
Asians aside, this is a really cool city. Very easy to get around, very friendly, but a little weird in other ways too. Everything here strikes me as very European in the city structure (the two most common structures are banks, and 7/11's), but it doesn't have the douchey ora of Europe. I understand it basically is just an extension of Europe that happens to be a few thousand miles away but from what I heard Sydney was supposed to be very Americanized, and though it is, it definitely more European than anything.
Not really, but by American standards they all fit the description. Close crop hair high and tight on the side, but with some kind of crazy part or comb-over on top. I saw a dude last night that had everything shaved except for the top where say a Mohawk would go, but instead his hair on top was all pulled back in a little samurai ponytail. Jeans and pants so tight you can tell who's circumcised, all hugging and coming up to the calf. I asked my roommate from Canada why they all dress so metro, and he said that's the style and it's awesome! I disagreed and told him in America we make fun of those people for drinking PBR and riding fixed gear bicycles. Turns out while I'm over here, I guess I'm the hipster, except I'm not hip just hopelessly out of style, and I don't plan on buying any skinny jeans. Ok, that's all hipster rant over.
I did all the main stuff you have to do in Sydney last night, except the botanical gardens which I'm doing today. We saw the bridge, we did the opera house, Darling harbor, it was all gorgeous and really makes you appreciate the beauty of this city, at least with the lights off. Sydney is like a 6 pretending to be a 10, you turn the lights down and put her in a club, and every guy in the place is drooling over her. But you wake up the next day and the makeup is smeared all over the pillow her weave has fallen out, and you're pretty sure she might have peed the bed. You swear you'll just drop her off and never talk to her again, until the next time you see her at the club with the lights down, and you convince yourself you must've been wrong the first time, there's no way she's not that hot. 
I can't wait to get a little work around town and save a little moolah and move on though. I think what I really need is the beach in my life. I don't really care which one I just think to wake up and walk to the ocean could be life changing. I think all my friends from Florida were just spoiled and kind of took that fact for granted growing up. For me I don't really care what I do, bartend a couple days a week, pick fruit, whatever, as long as when I have my free time I can walk to the beach and surf or do yoga, or run, or just sit down and enjoy. Cheers!

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