Tuesday, April 15, 2014


“Aren’t you nervous?!”

            I get this question all the time, from friends, family, random people on Facebook I haven’t talked to in ages. Short answer, yes, extremely. I’m scared I am going to fall flat on my face. That I’ll make it a month and have to spend every cent I have to get home. While that may not sound inspiring for you to take up your own adventure, consider this. What keeps me going, from not letting that little voice in my head take control and drive me to the brink of insanity? Simply, thinking of the worst-case scenario. What is the WORST thing I can imagine happening. Some people might jokingly say, “getting eaten by something”, but really, what is the worst that could happen?
            For me the answer is simple, disappointment. Creating this grand illusion of this crazy adventure and having it all crumble around me. But what does that really mean? Does it mean I only stay for a month and get home sick and have to fly home? Guess what, not many people I know get to take month long vacations to another continent. Does it mean I can’t find work and I’m forced to take a crappy job I hate simply to make ends meat while I’m over there? Well guess what I can do when I have a day off, go to the beach… in Australia!
            I guess the point of this is the more I’ve thought about all the things that could go wrong, the more I realize how they pale in comparison to all the things that could go right. Yes it would suck to have a failed adventure overseas, but at least I was overseas, and what if it doesn’t suck? The things I can conceptualize and worry about are really the only parts of this adventure I can comprehend. But things going right, things being incredible, having the adventure of a lifetime, I can think of certain things I’d like to do along the way but I can’t paint a clear portrait. And to me that’s what makes it all worthwhile.

            It’s easy for us to be cynics in this society, it’s so much harder to hope for the brightest future, and dare to dream big. If you’re like me you know that’s what makes us want to go, to roam, to travel in the first place. We long for the unknown, but we can see only the darkness of possible despair. To those who feel this, I implore you, go towards the unknown, the light is blinding but once your eyes adjust you will be exposed to a whole new world of possibilities, one where the pros greatly outweigh the cons. And when you get there you will see that no longer is there any negativity in your travels, there is simply the experience. When we can separate “good” and “bad”, “fun” and “boring” we start to see a clearer picture coming together. That picture is what drives us all, the unknowingness, the thrill; of adventure…

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