Friday, April 18, 2014


        After months of thought, planning, talking about, preparing, hyping myself up and then crashing back down I've finally taking the one only true step there is when committing to take a trip... I bought my ticket! With the simple click of a mouse $1,100 was permanently eradicated from my bank account in exchange for what one can only hope will be the journey of a lifetime. For those of you who know me moving to Australia has been about all I've talked about for the last few months... I basically forced myself to commit. I quit my job, I moved from what had been my home for the last 8 years and I began the process of working and saving up funds for my trip. But there was one thing I hadn't done, one thing simply keeping talking the talk from turning into walking the walk, it was my safety net of sorts, my "just incase it turns out I'm crazy and I can't actually do this"... the fact that I had yet to actually BOOK a flight. 
As I sat alone in my boxers staring blankly at the screen in front of me, tempting me like a siren's song I couldn't help but start to go through a vast array of emotions. The most visible of which was doubt, "What the fuck was I thinking? I quit a great job, moved across the country, and now I'm leaving the country? What am I gonna do when I'm there? I don't know anyone, it's not like I can just move back home!" In between the tsunami of self doubt I found myself continuing to click, pick your flights... click... choose your seats... click... double check your itinerary... click... enter your credit card information... click... before I knew it even through this storm of self doubt I was staring at a 3-stop 18 hour flight across a dozen time zones. Even though my brain was trying to force me to rationalize this craziness, the true spirit in me didn't allow me to turn

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