Monday, July 21, 2014

Two Weeks and Counting

As I close in on the first leg of my journey I'm beyond ecstatic. Not only do I get to go to Colorado and see my best friend get married... I'm actually doing the honors of performing the ceremony. When I got ordained a few years back I never really knew if it was something I'd use outside of my first ceremony. I performed my sisters wedding which was epically Star Wars themed! But now a few years later I have another opportunity to put my powers to good use. Though this wedding will be a little more traditional than the first I'm still excited to add my own bit of flavor and pizzazz. On top of that I get to spend a week in Beer Heaven and do something I never do but feel is my duty, smoke some legal weed. Walk right into a store, pick out a baggy, walk right out and light a doobie in front of La Policia. 

I haven't packed, and honestly I'm sure I'll forget more than one essential item, but none the less I'm excited for the process of doing that. I`ve always been somewhat of a nomad as it is, but now I have to pack my ENTIRE LIFE, everything into one giant backpack. What do you need, what is totally non-essential. I don't really think you can know for sure until you`re out there and think to yourself, "shit I can't believe I forgot that," or "why the hell did I even bring this?"

I'm excited to pay it forward, to put out some good karmic juju and hope it pays off in the future. The one good thing about moving is you get to reinvent yourself. Anyone who moved growing up knows that while the idea of leaving your home and your friends is daunting, the idea of reinvention is invigorating. I long to be a better person, more giving, more open to other people and other cultures, and I think this will afford me that opportunity. To become a "yes" man, to take new risks and adventures, meet new people and go new places. Now I know it won`t all be exciting and sometimes it will just be plain old hard work finding a place to sleep, a meal to eat. But I think the more open-minded I stay, and the more I accept that the journey is more important than the destination, well with that attitude nothing can truly go wrong. I hope to hear from the people back home, I`ve moved a lot in my life so the idea of being homesick is not one I`m super familiar with, but I know it's something I will be at some point. I hope anyone of my friends who keeps in touch and is reading this knows how much you all mean. I don't know where I'll be when I get back, heck I don't even know for sure if I'll come back, but I think in my heart I know that home is where you make it (you wanna see homos naked? Waterboy anyone?). With that in mind I want you all to know I have many homes and as I begin to embark on this adventure I'll be home sick for all of you.  

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