Monday, October 5, 2015

Prefer the Player: Why The One That's Hard To Catch Is Worth It... If You Can

It's simple laws of nature. The same way the peacock flexes its feathers to attract its mates, or the Bonobo Monkeys solve all their disputes with sex (it's true look that ish up). Females, no matter what species, want the biggest, baddest alpha-male in the herd. While it's not quite as simple in the human animal kingdom, the same general rules still hold true. There are certain men who reign above the rest, men want to be them, and women want to be with them, but there's a catch. In this age of Political Correctness, and "Dad Bods" it seems women are trying to rationalize their way out of their natural desires. The truth is you want the best, because that's what we're programmed to do. The reality is, women believe by persuing the best, in our world "The Players", they are simply falling victim to the deadly dating game. But if you value yourself and your own personal self worth, you should always aim for the stars. That's why I've compiled a list of reasons you should "Prefer the Player: Why The One That's Hard To Catch Is Worth It... If You Can."

5. Confidence is King

There's something about him. You can't quite put your finger on it, but he just has an aura about him that's irresistable. It seems like every time you see him he's with a different girl, and everyone of you and your friends do a double take when he walks by. Maybe he's simply built like a Male-Super Model, maybe it's just his overall demeanor, whatever it is, it's there, and you're not the only one who sees it. 

There's no one thing that makes a man attractive to the opposite sex, but all succesful lady killers seem to have one thing in common, they're confident. Next to "sense of humor" and "honesty", confidence is sure to break the Top 5 in almost every women's check list. Many of the most accomplished players I know, really don't have the most going for them physically, but they carry themselves in such a way that it's irresistible to the opposite sex. Any dating book will tell you, the main barrier standing between you and the girl of your dreams is simply having the confidence to introduce yourself. Player's exude this, and it's something you should definitely value highly in a potential mate.

Confidence means being comfortable in your own skin, not taking yourself too seriously, and knowing when to admit you're wrong, whether it's in an argument or in the bedroom. A player has this through and through, and it's something you should value in whoever you end up with.

4. They're most likely great in bed

There's no guarantee because a guy is a player he knows what he's doing in the sack, but you have to guess your odds improve dramatically. Now rumors are rumors and many a woman scorned might not be the nicest in telling you exactly how things went down, but if he's getting that much action, he is proabably doing something right. 

In order to be a player, you have to now what women want. That means knowing you almost always need to preheat the oven before you stick in the dinner. A guy who gets around will most assuredly know this, he'll also know that every women is different and they're all unique when it comes to what turns them on. This all goes back to he confidence thing. Having enough bravado to trust his gut, but enough confidence to ask if something's wrong if things don't seem to be going according to plan. A player will feel comfortable giving you exactly what you want, and what you need, because he wants you in his back pocket. And most likely he knows, the best way to keep a lady coming back for more is to make a lasting impression.

3. He'll show you respect

As we get older certain things start to change, and the tough guy act, or the jerk act tend to go out the window. I'm sure we all know a guy who still acts like he's 17 with women and somehow has more than he knows what to do with, but for the most part, being an adult goes a lot further when you grow up a bit. A real player knows there's a difference between treating you with the respect you deserve when you're together, and actually wanting to be with you... and there is a difference.

This is what many times gets women tricked down the wrong path. 

"He was so nice and polite."

"He acted like such a gentlemen."

Well ya, he was, and he is, but not because he wants to be with you forever, simply because he wants to be with you tonight. A little courtesy and respect go a long way, you can still mean it just because you don't follow up on it, but you'd be suprised at how women react when they meet a real gentleman. The thing is, he may not be looking to be tied down, but if you can, you can be assured that, that is his natural demeanor, and not just for show.

2. He's loyal

Most guys I know that have mastered the art of being a player have a very close knit team. Whether it's a group of guys or a couple select girls he confides in, you can be sure he's got some help in his corner. Now just because he doesn't seem to show this loyalty to the women he pursues doesn't mean it's not important to him. When you're a player in the field, the world of dating is just a game, an endless array of pursuits and conquests. But if you're lucky enough to lock this type of guy down you can rest assured that he is loyal to the core. 

It's all about perspective. If you're on the outside looking in, of course he's not going to be the most forthcoming and open, but if you can penetrate the inner circle, you know you've locked down someone true to the core. Many times players get the rep that even if they settle down, they're still always on the prawl, and this is most definitely not the case. If you're with a guy who you think is a player, and you suspect he's still playing, then unfortunately you're not really "with him". A player will take pride in the fact that he's tied down, will respect the women still throwing themselves at him, but he'll also know he got out of the game for a reason, you. And if you can manage to lock this guy down you can know many women will still be knocking on his door, but you're the one he wants to come home to at night.

1. It validates you

In the same way rich older men hang out with sexy 20-something models, is the same thing locking down a player can do for a woman's confidence. It means they chose you, above all the rest, and there's a reason for that. Player's tread lightly when it comes to relationships, so if you manage to snag one and it becomes official, you know you've accomplished something.

Women, whether like to admit it or not, are a competitive bunch, and the same way a guy takes pride in bringing out a "Perfect 10" is the same pride a woman feels when she's locked down a reformed player. You're friends will be jealous, but in a good way, heck maybe he even conquered a few of them. But knowing that you took this guy out of the game will boost your confidence in ways you never though possible. Everyone loves a little eye candy, and if you can snag yourself a guy like this, you'll be the envy of all the girls around town who swore it was impossible. Men can change, and even though "Players gonna play", at some point every star player wants to hang up his cleats and retire on top. 

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