Monday, October 27, 2014

Found a Place

The search is OVER! 

Today I finally locked down a place to live! After a little over two weeks of searching (actually two weeks to the day) I've finally found a place to call home. They say (or at least in all the travel blogs I read) that it's normal to get homesick when traveling. Though I can admit I miss my family and friends I'm by no means missing home in the traditional "home sick" sense. I'm glad to be out and exploring another country, well another continent at that, and I know everything will be right where I left it when I get back. What I do miss is the consistency of having a bed to call my own when I come home from work, or out at the pub. Ya hostels are great, and I've met some wonderful people, and some terrible ones, but there's something about having your own bed (not on the fucking top bunk). The place I'm moving into is nice enough, big rooms, decent area, and close enough to work that it will be an easy commute, and most importantly cheap (I use that term very loosely). But it's not even the spending extra money on hostels that bugs me, it's just sometimes you just NEED a place of your own (and not to have to climb up a bunk bed drunk). And though living out of a bag can be fun, there's something magical about not having to play mystery grab bag for your wardrobe everyday. 

The thing that most excites me about having a place of my own is finally being able to explore this great city. For the last two weeks all my non-working time has been consumed by emailing, texting, and running around trying to find a place to call my own. Now that I have the latter I have free time to actually explore this city I've written so many nice things about. Ya I've been to downtown Melbourne but not to explore, primarily just to job hunt, and house hunt. And ya St. Kilda is a great little town and I'm glad I've settled down here but it'd be nice to see places other that Carlisle street every night. So I guess part of the rumor is true, at least for me, when you travel you might get home sick, but it depends what you define as home. I've always been something of a nomad, and this lease will be longer than most relationships I've had let alone housing scenarios, but it's nice to know where you're going to end up when the sun goes down, or stumble to as the sun comes up. I feel like I'll be in Melbourne just long enough to start feeling settled and get the need to scratch my travel itch, and that'll be just fine with me. I guess the biggest thing I could say to potential travelers is, be aware of what your needs are, push them beyond your comfort zone, and then bring yourself back to a happy medium when you find the right place and opportunity. And more importantly than that, be comfortable with sleeping on floors, and tiny sofas, and for godsake, bring some fucking ear plugs!

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