Monday, October 13, 2014

Melbourne Begins

Just arrived in Melbourne today on a pretty shoddy airlines, but cheap so I guess it's all about what you value. As soon as I walked out of the plane onto the open tarmac and under the steel sheeted covered walkway it started to hail. I missed the brunt of it, unfortunately my backpack was not so lucky. Thankfully there's not really anything I would qualify as sensitive material in there. It seems to be a trend now that when I arrive in a new city the day is rather dreary. Instead of taken that as a bad sign I'm going to choose to think of it as a great omen, like rain on your wedding day and what not. 

Melbourne is, well, kinda shitty out right now, but in all honesty just from first glance does in fact look alot more my style than Sydney was. It spreads out along the coast line and though the waves and the beach look pretty terrible today I have no doubt when the weather clears up it will be quite a site to see. I've got two job interviews lined up for sure and another two to stop by and check on this week. I printed off 18 resumes and I plan on dropping everyone of them off, so we'll see what happens. First step, get a job. Second step, get a place. Third step, take over the world! But for the moment I will eat this delicious looking pizza as I stare out at a windy, messy, abyss. Cheers!

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