Sunday, October 26, 2014

Hipsters, and tattoos, and beards... Oh MY!

Ladies! Ladies! Ladies! 

If you like beards and tats, you should be in Melbourne like, yesterday!! This place might be the bearding capital of the world if I've ever seen it. It's literally like a cookie cutter one after the other of slicked backed hair, quaffed, just so, and big, bushy, bristly beards! I'm not gonna lie... I'm trying to fit in and grow my own beard... and failing pretty miserably. But as the great Yoda says, do or do not, there is no try! But seriously my beard sucks... I may start rubbing horse shampoo on my face.

This place is like an add for people who drink PBR in the states. I'm honestly surprised Pabst hasn't made a push to bring $1 Ribbons down here, shit they could sell $5 ribbons and still be the cheapest beer in town. Think of the most hipster looking bar you have ever been to in the states, now times that by 1,000... Welcome to Melbourne! Don't get me wrong I love a good hipster, but these people aren't even really "hipsters" as we would think of them, that's just how everyone is. They're not trying to be cool and ironic, they really are just all kind of cool. I work at a super upscale cocktail bar and everyone there has tattoos, not like a few people, EVERYONE! At most places in the states its fine as long as your sleeve or shoulders or whatever or covered. In Melbourne they don't care, let it show bro! 

It's actually kind of cool to see a city where everyone is so eclectic, but in reality they're not eclectic, they're normal, if anything my lack of tattoos, a decent beard, and ironic t-shirts makes me a weirdo. But I like it, and I'm learning and adapting. The other thing is everyone here is super friendly, especially at both the bars I'm working at. The higher end cocktail place is the type of place in the states where you would have career bartenders who are too good to even talk to you. Here everyone is awesome and helpful and supportive. They really just want to help and make sure everything is working for the benefit of the whole bar. I guess it helps that no one here makes "tips" the way we think of in the states so there's no real need to be competitive and be "The Best Bartender". I'm learning a lot at that place too. It's basically like bartending for the first time all over again. We have so many spirits and liquors I've never ever fucking heard of. So now I will go try and get my housing settled, long story short, if you're a hipster with a cool beard, come to Melbourne. And if you keep up with my blog and stay in touch I'll make you a watermelon mojito that will knock your socks off :)


  1. Haha nice entry! Question though, how is Australia as far as conservativeness vs social liberal type point of views? Have you been able to tell yet? I'm assuming if tattoos and beards is the norm than they are prolly a little more let live than judge mental?

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