Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Giving up on sports

I love sports... like a lot... like I'd let Derrick Rose be my baby daddy (I mean assuming he took me to a nice dinner first), but it's amazing how fast you get out of the loop and used to not having the sports you love when they're not around. I used to check ESPN at least three times a day back home, and that was inbetween watching Sports Center on loop all day at work. However, since I've started to travel, not only is it hard to keep up I also find that I really don't care to keep up. Let me be clear, I still CARE about sports, and the Bulls, and the Bears, and the miserable Cubs, but I know in my mind they are so far away that there's no reason to fret over missing out, in my world all major sports leagues are on strike, and they will commence upon my return with a new CBA agreed upon in my mind. 

It wasn't like this at first, in fact I was planning on being that crazy American that goes to bars and starts drinking at 11 am on a Tuesday because Monday Night Football is on (I still want to be that guy at least once though). When I first got here I was trying to check scores and keep up with both NFL games, baseball, and most importantly College Football (which by the way, Ole Miss and Mississippi State, it must be the apocalypse). But I realized quickly that my attempts were futile and it didn't make sense to spend time worrying about something I couldn't have on a day to day basis. For me American sports are something you live and breathe, you don't just watch football, you talk about football, you get into arguments over drinks about who's better at football, and here, football isn't even football, so what's the point in getting worked up over football? Know what I mean?

I realized I've completely lost touch when someone mentioned to me the four teams playing for the pennant, the Orioles and Royals, and the Giants and the Dodgers (that sounds ludacris looking at it, Iliterally had to go on ESPN that second to confirm that this person wasn't high or mentally handicapped, or both). And in that moment not only did I feel ok with the fact that I had no idea what was going on in American sports but also a little relieved. If there is ever a time to miss a couple of seasons on American sports it's when the Orioles and the Royals are playing in the ALCS, the Mississippi State Bulldogs are probably in the college football playoff, and I'm just gonna go out on a limb of ridiculousness and say, the Bucks win the NBA title, and Bills win the Super Bowl! Ya I miss sports, but I feel like a picked a pretty good year to miss.  

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