Tuesday, October 21, 2014

House Hunting

As I sit here at a cafe on the St. Kilda strip browsing on Gumtree (aussie Craigslist) I realize how often I took for granted how easy it was to find places in the states. Noww don't get me wrong it's not exactly hard to find a place to live here it just is a matter of what you're willing to accept as a living situation and how much you're willing to get taken advantage of. And make no mistake they will be trying to take advantage of you. This  is the "Season" as I keep getting reminded so there are people flocking in by the boat load and only so many jobs to go around and so many places to live. I wasn't stressing about it too much at first but as I've had pretty much zero luck so far finding a place and my bank account has continued to dwindle I'm starting to feel the pressure building a bit. 

I'm hoping something will turn up this weekend otherwise I may be booking another week at a hostel as I struggle to get hours at the two bars I'm trying to juggle. I will eventually lose this battle of the bars but I'm not sure where I should decide to settle. One is a staple of the community and super hard to get into but pays less and still I'm struggling to get hours. The other is super cool and I feel like I can learn a lot of new things there that I can use much further down the road, but again, struggling to maintain both and get hours at either. For now I will simply need to stop purchasing alcohol as this is the most expensive part of my budgeting to date. I know it will all work out but at the moment its a little stressful and I realize some of the plans I had made need to be adjusted to fit my current situation. For now I will enjoy my coffee and my caffine shakes and try to see whatever random one off day shifts I can pick up, and no more drinking in 3, 2, 1... and go!


  1. I think you should find yourself a nice Aussie girl to take you in! Then you eliminate the rent stress and just become a sex slave for room and board (fair trade I think given the economic sitch) and try and keep both jobs until one realizes how great you are and gives you more hours! Best of luck buddy! All will work out!

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